“I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside Tom for the last 12 months or so and have to say that he is one of the most motivated and dedicated in the entire industry. He in incredibly professional in both his business dealings with people like myself and with his one on ones with clients. This professionalism has led Tom to an extremely high calibre of clients to use his services such as world champion surfers and national level rugby league players. If you’re serious about training and want results, then Tom will get you there.

- Reece Kawalla Managing Director Team Flex Australia


“I have trained with Tom and he is an exceptional trainer, very professional and up to date with all the new trends in the fitness industry. Most importantly he is a very nice guy.”

Shaun Timmins


“I have always had an interest in Health and Fitness but it wasn’t until I started training with Tom that it developed into something more then just a run every now and then, it’s a complete lifestyle change.

Tom helped me make healthy changes to my every day life. It wasn’t about calorie counting, or weighing food. It was about being smart with food and getting nutrients out of meals. He introduced me to High intensity interval training and showed me what my body is actually capable of doing.

Tom is a very talented trainer. He always pushes me to do my best. He has helped me to have more confidence in myself and to trust my capabilities. He makes training into something I look forward to because his sessions are full of variety and we always have a laugh.

Tom motivates you and give you the tools you need to live a better and healthier life no matter what your goals are. With his support behind you, don’t wait to start get in and start smashing out your goals.

I can not recommend Tom highly enough”

- Bec Lamers


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tom for the past 2 years, in that time I have been in awe of his passion, motivation and dedication he possesses for not only his clients but he has for everyday life. Tom is reliable, upbeat, knowledgeable and professional. He can relate to all likes of people no matter their age or gender. Due to his honest and genuine demeanour people gravitate to him and trust him, they trust him to help them change their lives and that is exactly what he does. Tom has achieved some amazing results with his clients, not only astounding results in weights/fat loss but increasing speed, strength and stamina in the elite sporting professionals he trains, increasing mobility and self confidence in his rehabilitation clientele and not to mention changing peoples lifestyle/eating habits which has resulted In better quality of life. Tom is constantly training people and people are constantly trying to get on his client list because they know he is the best in the business and you are guaranteed results when training with him or following his program. There isn’t any length that Tom won’t go to to ensure his clients achieve the results they’re after and maintain them. I’ve been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years ad Tom is BY FAR one of the best trainers I’ve come across”

- Nichole Andrews


“I did Tom’s male 6 week program. I enjoyed the program throughout, it told med everything I needed to do from diets, workouts and even paired music with sound cloud. I’ve been training for years and thought I was fairly experienced but really learnt a lot. I Highly recommend it because of the intensity and results IT'S GUARANTEED”

- Matt Hillcoat


“Tom is a fantastically knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate trainer. The manner in which he is able to identify the most appropriate exercise program for a client and then instruct and motivate them to succeed is particularly impressive. He’s my number one choice to refer my Physiotherapy clients onto for their rehabilitation”

- Mark Burns


“Since taking over as head coach in 2014 tom has been instrumental in our player strength and conditioning development throughout the past two seasons.

For us, his skill set is perfect is a perfect match for our players needs.His nutritional advice and strength and conditioning programs are all tailored to our players individual needs and their positional demands of our sport.

At the Knights we try and aim for all our players to have a strong aerobic base coupled with explosive power and speeds, hopefully enabling us to withstand the heavy collisions through the demands of the season. Tom certainly enables us to make sure our players are tuned right to meet such demands.

From a coaching point of view I believe one of tom’s best attributes is his personality and one on one care he has for our players and his clients. He is honest, specific and understands our players training thresholds and capabilities in order for them to maximise their potential both on and off the paddock.”



Tom helped me loose 45kgs, he didn’t just help me with loosing weight he became a good friend and part of our family. He was always there for me, I thank Tom for everything and for getting my life back”

- Zoie Anton


“Tom has helped motivate me to keep me on track with my fitness goals”

- Matt Casall


Training with Tom kept me really motivated and pushed me to reach my goals. He made me find new limits in my training. I found every session challenging but fun”

- Nikki Wilder


I’ve trained with Tom Baker for the last 5 years and he has taught me tremendous about nutrition and training. He has expertise in fitness, strength, muay thai and boxing. I can promise he will get you to your goal if you listen to him. HIGHLY RECOMMEND”

- Steve Anton


“The motivation Tom gave me and the team in our gym was the main reason people completed the 10 week challenge and keep maintaining their goals beyond that point.

- Ryan Burke


“As a mum of two young children I needed something to give me that extra push.Tom’s six week program is exactly what I needed and more! In only a short period of time I had already noticed huge changes. I will continue to utilise Tom’s program well beyond the six weeks as a tool to keep me motivated and focused. Highly recommend.”

- Alana Egan


“Thanks to Tom’s guidance I’ve finally found how to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime. He pushes me every time whilst always encouraging me. I regard Tom not only as my trainer but a very close friend. He always puts in 100% for every client.”

- Ange Bowen


As a log time member of gyms and many personal trainers it wasn’t until I started training with Tom that I was able to achieve results, and better yet maintain them long term. Tom is skilled at his craft and by following his exercises and diet I was able to lose 10kgs and re shape my body into one I’m proud of.

- Kirrily Francis


“Tom takes the time to get to know and listen to each of his clients and shapes the training around their personal needs. The training is always different, innovative and challenging in a good way.”

- Jess Booth


“Tom is down to earth and approachable. His sessions are dynamic and challenging. He’s constantly encouraging to push myself which has given me great results. Leg session with Tom was the hardest I’ve ever worked in my life. Tom pushes me and won’t let me quit even when I feel like I can’t give anymore.”

- Tim Murphy


“We always love training with Tom. He obviously loves what he does- being enthusiastic. He always trains us hard and knows how much to push us to make every workout a challenge and take us just a little bit further every time. He has a sensible approach to health and fitness and that to us is one of the most important things to achieve our goals”

Phil and Mia Winterton


“I have been training with Tom for the last 3 months in particular boxing. Tom’s sessions are always great fun starting from the basics and learning new skills each session as well as being a great fitness session. I’ve found Tom to always treat each client as an individual, which helps them achieve their personal goals. If your looking to learn some new skills as well as get fit I recommend you try training with tom”

- Simon Maslanka


“I have been lucky enough to have been working with Tom, for over 12 months now and I have found him very professional and experienced in regards to assisting me in elite training in surfing. Tom is very passionate about helping me find exercises that assist me in becoming a better athlete and I’m looking forward to continuing my training with him in the future”

- Kiara Meredith


“I have had a number of trainers over the years and Tom has been the best by far. His sessions are highly professional and always well thought out. Tom gets results and loves what he does. He offers great advice when you need it and is encouraging and firm. I’m grateful for his passion, experience and drive to get the best for his clients”

- Hope Erokhin


“I enjoy training with Tom because he keeps it interesting and no workout is ever the same. He understands how the body works and pushes you that little bit further each week”

- Chris Evans


“I’m faster, stronger and where I want to be in my health and fitness journey. You make each of my fitness sessions challenging and rewarding. Thankyou Tommy for motivating and challenging me!”

- Belinda Evans


“Having trained for many years in strength and various sports, I was aesthetically still at a loss, with no gains or enthusiasm for training and about to give it away. That’s when I started training with Tom Baker, he gave me the motivation and will power to achieve a healthy diet and lifestyle, which resulted in completing everyone of my goals”

- Terry Dennis


“Tommy is such an awesome trainer to work with, the man really knows how to get great results! Since training with Tom and following his training programs and meal plans I achieved some amazing results that I could never have done on my own, its been a real lifestyle change”

- Cheyne Ramsay


“Loved my sessions of Muay Thai with Tom. He’s a very experienced trainer who makes you not only want more but pumps you for the next round… and gets results!”

- Sheridan Owens


“I have been training with Tom for nearly a year now and I can highly recommend his sessions to anyone of any age and fitness level. Every session is different from the last and challenging, which is just what I want. Even though the sessions always push me out of my comfort zone they are still enjoyable. I’ve seen a big improvement in my fitness since training with Tom and look forward to reaching new fitness goals in the future with his training”

- Jess Lee


“I have a back injury (double disc hernia) and have trained under Tom in personal and also group training, he has great knowledge about how to get results whilst ensuring I don’t injure myself again. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs guidance or training.

- Mark Foster


“I fist met Tom 18 months ago when I finally decided to get off my but and lose my beer gut! With Tom in my corner I began to enjoy exercise again and wanted to have the energy to train so I cleaned up my eating. Since training with Tom I have managed to lose 18kgs and 22cms off my waist. I’m off my blood pressure medication and blood glucose levels are back down to normal. Tom takes the time to get to know you, what motivates and works for you on a personal level. He has become more then a trainer but a good mate”

- Clint Rogers


“I have have trained with Tom for the last 18months. It has been great to find a trainer that is so versatile, ranging from boxing sessions to strength to anything in between. It’s the variation that keeps me motivated. It’s also refreshing to have a trainer that can provide sensible nutritional advice that is realistic and sustainable”

- Susan Rogers


“I started training with Tom to achieve my goal of shedding some body fat and generally toning up. What I already have achieved with Tom so far is unbelievable. I’ve made a complete lifestyle change for the better. My overall strength and fitness has improved in a short amount of time and his tips on nutrition have helped me along the way. My lifestyle is now a healthy one and I have Tom to thank for that”

- Matt Elrick