Tom Baker Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

Hi, I'm Tom Baker.
I'm a qualified personal trainer, and fitness coach.

I'm passionate about health & wellbeing, making the most of my life, and helping my clients make the most of theirs. Spanning the past 6 years I've helped countless clients on the South Coast of NSW reach their goals by producing personlised diet & exercise programs, plus many hours of PT. With my books filling up and less hours available to help everyone that approached me I decided to create a program that would be suitable for the everyday Man so that I could continue to encourage, motivate and help people not just in my home town, but anywhere.

The success of that program led me to create a Women's program which has been tried and tested with amazing results and now also available through TomBakerPT.com.

If you're ready to take the steps to change your experience of life, get healthier, become happier and see a real change in just 6 weeks please visit the shop where you'll be able to purchase and download my program.

Should you have any questions about either my Male or Female program, or if you're interested in PT or any other events/PR enquiries please contact me here.

You can also follow me on instagram @tombakerhealthandfitnesscoach and join our online community. I thrive on seeing your results so don't forget to hashtag #tombakerpt and tag me in your progress.