Why I do what I do

Hey Everyone,

So with every one of my blogs I'm going to be talking to you all just like this - nothing formal, just like it would be with me face to face.

Today I want to talk to you guys about why I do what I do and what my goal is as a trainer, as a businessman and as a person really.

This is a very broad topic and I will only be touching on it tonight, as I have MANY goals, but here are a few key points.

So, why do I do what I do? 

In it's most simplest form - I do what I do to improve people's life and to build a legacy long after I'm gone.

Now, let's talk about that first one, because to me this is HUGE, and in no way cliche.

What do I mean by improve people's life? And how will I get this message across? Through me, it's by motivating everyone and doing everything in my power to get people into fitness - whether that be through social media, face to face contact etc. It's not just by training my clients or telling them what to eat; not just by selling programs designed for weight-loss or muscle gains or giving you exercises to make you look good, YES! These are all key pieces and are very crucial and important, but really I'm trying to get my clients to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle ,and everything that comes with that.

I believe, and have seen first hand now for years, that when people do it PROPERLY, fitness changes their lives.

GOAL - to have a whole team, town, community, state, country and, of course, world into fitness and change people's lives as I go. Do I have steps in place to achieve this? Yes. Is it going to happen over night? No. Have I already got people into fitness and a fit and healthy lifestyle? Yes. Is it addictive? Yes. Do I have people helping me do this? Yes - all of you reading this blog post, all of you buying my programs and asking me questions. But these are just little steps I'm doing to help everyone, there are whole other aspects of people's lives that can be improved through fitness, such as confidence, work ethic, sustained happiness, mental clarity - the list goes on.

When I say properly, I don't just mean someone who trains to lose weight then puts it all back on - no, no, no. I'm talking about the people that change their eating habits, people that gain more energy on a daily basis, and people that you can noticeably see are happier every time they enter the gym. It really is electrifying. A mentor and good friend of mine (Nichole Andrews) once told me to always smile and say hello to every person you come past and even that alone is enough to possibly trigger these happy vibes, or make someone's day happier.

So going back to the top, why I do what I do - if I can make people get into fitness (properly) and yes, improve their life, then I consider myself successful. Everyone has their own measure of success and levels of success they would like to achieve, and I'm far from the end goal - but that's another story.

If you ever feel like you get lost and want some tips to stay focused or you would like me to help change your life, then please, email me at tjbaker1@hotmail.com, or contact me on this website. Likewise, if you see me around simply stop me and ask me whatever you like and for any motivation. To help you create that environment follow my Instagram @tombakerhealthandfitnesscoach.

This was only a VERY, VERY MINUTE portion of why I do what I do, so in the coming months I will continue to bring you more. Stay tuned and thanks massively for reading, I hope I have helped motivate you all. 

Thanks, Tom.

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